write , write , write it will all be alright i been a little uptight spending these late nights in cafes writing my pain away my last breath could just be a day away i want to be carried away and locked up in a safe place where no one knows my name or my […]

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Not gonna lie ….

not gonna lie i do not know why every time i remember looking into your eyes i cry not gonna lie thought we was locked down , you were my lover for life not gonna lie.. when you fell out of love with me i felt a piece of me die not gonna lie i […]

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Every body wants to call me selfish for distancing myself and taking my own time but nobody wants to look into my mind and press rewind to see all the things that have happened over time Stop treating it like a crime to reminance I’m going through some shit and nobody understands it I keep […]

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She was afraid, she was afraid to love too much because maybe that too much would not be good enough She was afraid to dream too much because maybe those dreams she could never touch Countless days and nights she would spend deep in her thoughts She did not understand how she could be so […]

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I have always worn my heart on my sleeve I have always been quick to catch feelings I am getting used to people just leaving after i spill my heart out i just lie there bleeding\ and bleeding/ and bleeding/ and bleeding/ hoping eventually i will stop breathing then possibly i will start thinking more […]

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As i awoke from my dream , a tear streaming down my cheek , i looked at the window it was still dark , i immediately made Dua because the happiness i saw on your face is all i ever want for you.

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18 years old tribute 1 …

Sitting across from my grandfather, in a old diner somewhere in oklahoma he looked at me and sincerely said ” now it’s time for [My name] to figure out where [My name] wants to be ..” …..I know where i want to be , i’ve known always ,its crazy,  it’s just been a dream since […]

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Mi Culpa

does not matter what i say you’ll always find a way to Put the blame on me Treat me as if I’m not deserving Of your love Talking about how much you’ve done and I’m not good enough i don’t do enough ? but i gave you all my love ….  

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I am not oppressed I am just better dressed i don’t need to flaunt my chest or be caressed to leave you impressed -Halalsenorita

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no se

i always hoped but i never see i always hoped for one day to be set free its a long battle we can not leave i got these oppressors all around me there is a simplicity in basic human needs so why are we struggling .. tumbling , hanging by a string screaming but nothing […]

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